How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card (State-By-State)

Medical marijuana treatment has been proven to offer countless health benefits for many medical conditions. From depression, chronic pain and anxiety to PTSD, medical marijuana may reduce nausea, Multiple sclerosis and more. People with medical marijuana cards need to understand that If they want to maintain the active status of medical marijuana patients, they must submit a renewal application annually.

Every state has their policy for the renewal of its medical marijuana card. Generally, renewal applications are available 45-60 days before the expiration date on your identification card so that patient can continue their treatment without any hassle. If the patient fails to renew medical marijuana card, they may lose access to marijuana products until they complete the renewal process.

A patient must renew online with the state after obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation letter from the licensed physician. Here is the state-by-state process of renew medical marijuana card online and how much it will cost.

How to Renew a Medical Marijuana Card State-Wise

Almost every state offers an online renewal process, but before applying with the state, you need to renew your medical marijuana recommendation letter. To renew your recommendation letter, follow these three simple steps.

Book your appointment

Fill out a patient registration form on My MMJ Doctor and schedule your appointment with a licensed healthcare professional.

Attend the appointment

A doctor will contact you via audio/video call at the appointment time and re-examine your medical conditions. If the doctor thinks the patient needs to continue their treatment, the doctor will renew your recommendation letter.

Renew with the state

After getting approval from the doctor, renew your medical marijuana card with the state.

Here is the State Process to Renew Medical Marijuana Card


Patients need to renew their Alabama medical marijuana cardannually. They can renew through Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission. Currently, Alabama’s medical cannabis program is under maintenance and is not registering patients. We will update you whenever they start accepting applications.


The Alaska health department set a non-refundable fee of $20.00 as a renewal fee. Renewal applications submitted after a medical marijuana card has expired will be considered a fresh application, and the applicant will be required to pay the fee of $25. To renew, fill out the form and mail it to the Health Analytics and Vital Records, Marijuana Registry, P.O. Box 1106 75, Juneau, AK 99811-0675


Log in with your credentials in the ARKANSAS DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, upload the recommendation letter, and renew your card. The renewal fee is $50.


The renewal period is two years and needs a fee of $150. Log in with the Arizona Department of Health Services, upload the marijuana recommendation letter and pay the fee.


Download and complete the renewal form and submit it to your county health department in person. The renewal period is the same, i.e. One year, but the price varies county by county and is at most $100.


log into your account on Colorado medical marijuana to renew your med card and click on your name in “Tracking Inbox: Patient Registration.” Fill out the necessary details and pay the fee of $29.50.


The renewal process will be similar to the process you went through for your original registration. Login to your Department of Administrative Services accounts and fill in the required fields and pay the fee of $100.


Patients may submit their renewal applications 90 days before their expiration date. Login to your Delaware Health and Social Services account, fill in the required fields, and pay the fee of $50.


  • Log into the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry.
  • Select the “YOUR CARD” menu option and Click “BEGIN RENEWAL” to open a renewal application.
  • Complete the necessary field, upload the documents and pay the fee of $75.


The renewal process is similar to submitting the first application. Go to the Hawaii state department of health and log in. Fill out OR UPDATE the application information and upload any required documents. Submit your payment of $38.50 for a one-year card and $77.00 for a two-year card.


Download and complete the Health Care Practitioner Certification Form, show it to the doctor during the consultation, and receive your form and marijuana recommendation letter. Upload it to the Iowa department of public health. Pay the fee of $25 and complete the renewal process.


  • Log in to Illinois Cannabis Tracking System and select a 1-year, 2-years’, or 3-year timeframe for the renewal application.
  • Review and complete the required field and upload the documents such as driving license and marijuana recommendation letter.
  • Pay the fee of $100 for one year, $200 for two-year, and $250 for three-year.


Note that there are no state medical marijuana registries – your physician will tell your chosen dispensary that you are an eligible patient. You need to show a regular I.D. to purchase. Patients are not required to join a state registry.


If you are registered via a paper application and want to access the Marijuana Online System, click here.

If you are an existing user who used to have an account on the Massachusetts Virtual Gateway and would like to claim an account so you can access the Medical Use of Marijuana Online System, click here

If you are an existing user and would like to log in to the Marijuana Online System, then click here.

After login, Enter Your Identifying Information, upload the documents and submit the application.


Patients not registered with the Maryland OneStop portal must register before renewing their current MMCC registration. ​Click on login if the patient already has an existing account and needs to renew mmj card.

After login, select “My Dashboard” and click your id card number under “My Licenses, Permits, and Registrations”, which is up for renewal. Now click on “Actions” and Select “Renewal Form” from the drop-down menu. Now review your details and apply. Complete the form by paying a fee of $25.


Download and complete the form and submit it to the

Office of Cannabis Policy
162 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0162
Tel: (207) 287-9330 or 287-3282;
Fax: (207) 287-2671


login to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP). Visit the Registry Cards tab and click on renew the application. Fill out the necessary fields, upload the documents and pay the fee of $40. Check the status by logging into the MMMP account and clicking on the Registry Card tab.


First, you must get recertified by a My MMJ Doctor health care professional.
After recertified, you will receive an email with your application link. Update or Complete your information and pay the fee of $200. It can take up to 25 – 30 days for review by the Office of Medical Cannabis. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email that states that your Minnesota medical marijuana card is extended for another year.


  • Navigate to the Department of Health and Senior Services.
  • Type in your username and password.
  • Click “Create New Application”, then click on “Patient.”
  • Choose the “Patient Renewal” option, then click the “Create Application” button.
  • Follow the instructions and complete the re-enrollment application.

Once completed, submit the re-enrollment application and Pay the patient enrollment fee of $25. You will receive your Missouri medical marijuana card within 30 days through Email.


Visit the cannabis control division Montana and click on renew. Select the Cardholder Application Type and enter your medical card number. Follow the instruction and submit your application. To complete the process, pay a fee of $20.

North Dakota

To renew a North Dakota medical marijuana card, log into the registration system using N.D. Health and human services or visit the Division of Medical Marijuana website. After logging in, click the “renewal” button, and a new application will open. Much of the information from the original application will auto-fill into the new application. Applicants can change any information they want in the new application before submitting it. Once the applicant has completed all necessary fields, a blue “submit” button will appear, and the applicant can submit their renewal. Complete the renewal process by paying the fee of $50.

New Hampshire

Download and complete the form with a fee of $50 and Mail or hand-deliver it to

N.H. Department of Health and Human Services
Therapeutic Cannabis Program
29 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301

New Jersey

Log in to your New Jersey Division of Medicinal Cannabis account. Review your information and attach the necessary documents in the ‘Documents’ Section, such as residency proof and medical marijuana recommendation letter. Pay the fee of $100. You may check your New Jersey medical marijuana card status by logging into your portal

New Mexico

Your physician helps you to can complete and submit applications electronically. They will do so by registering you with the New Mexico department of health. You can also follow an offline way. Download and complete the form and send it to the

Department of Health
please do not mail Medical Cannabis Program
to this address 1474 Rodeo Road, Suite 200
Santa Fe, NM 87505


Login to your account on Nevada medical marijuana program and fill out the required fields. Submit the form and pay the fee of $50.

New York

The process is the same as the initial card. Log into the state websiteand register as a patient using your doctor’s renewal certification.


After meeting with My MMJ Doctor doctors and obtaining a new medical marijuana recommendation, patients need to log in to their Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry account to activate their renewal.

Once signed into your account, select the “Renew Card” button and follow the prompts. An application fee of $50 is required to process the renewal application. After submitting the fee, you will get your updated Ohio medical marijuana card.


Login to your account on Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authorityand click on the patient portal to start the process. Then click select to continue and click start renewal. Fill out the necessary fields, upload the documents and medical marijuana recommendation letter and pay the fee of $100. Visit the dashboard to see the status of your application.


Login to Oregon medical marijuana programme. The system will pre-populate the details from your current application, but you can still make the necessary changes. Complete the steps and upload all the documents to renew your medical marijuana card. Pay a fee of $200 to end the renewal application process.


login to Pennsylvania medical marijuana program and click “profile settings.” Review and update information, Save the changes and click “Renew my registration.” ask your doctor to certify on the portal. Once a doctor approves you, a new Pennsylvania medical marijuana card will be mailed to you at the address you mentioned in the patient portal. The state renewal fee is $50.

Rhode Island

Ask for a renewal form by emailing the form and attach the documents and send it to
Center for Professional Licensing
Room 105A – 3 Capitol Hill
Providence, RI 02908-5097
As of December 1, 2022, an application fee is no longer required.

South Dakota

Enter your credentials and log in to South Dakota Medical Cannabis Program. Complete the fields, upload the documents and pay the fee of $75.


Log in to the EVS and Click your name. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Save and Submit Registration button. Your status will change to ‘Awaiting Certification.’

Your doctor must now enter a new certification for you. Contact your doctor and inform them that you are awaiting the renewal of the certificate in the EVS.

After your doctor has renewed your application, your status in the EVS will change to ‘Awaiting Payment.’ Now pay $15 for your renewal. After payment, View your profile, where you will see your status ‘Awaiting State Review.’ or ‘Renewal Completed.’


Only renewing medical marijuana recommendation letters is enough not to register with the state.


Login to your Vermont cannabis control board account. Complete the necessary fields and upload the documents just like the initial process. After reviewing the details, move to the payment section and pay the fee of $50.


Login to the account. You may need the service code 7472 to access the HSQA Online Renewal System. Fill out the form or review the information. Pay the fee of $90 to complete the process.

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