One of the most noticeable facets concerning Cannabis is its smell. However, Cannabis: Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

You may also want to cover it up from your family, friends, or neighbors.

Ways to make your home Cannabis smell-proof

Use vaporizers: Using vaporizers is an effective way of consuming something discreet. Consuming Cannabis through vaporizers produces no or little smell. Many people prefer smoking to consume Cannabis, release a weedy fragrance, and stay home for hours. The use of vaporizers for cannabis consumption releases no or little smell as these devices heat the Cannabis instead of combusting it.

Try a Candle Made for the Purpose: Use fragmented candles meant for the air freshness purposes. The use of scented candles will help you get rid of the pungent weedy smell from your house. Prefer lighting the candle 30 minutes before start smoking.

Burnt popcorn masks the weed smell: Burning the popcorns is an effective way of masking the cannabis smell. The smell of burnt popcorn is robust and covers the cannabis pungent smell. The burnt popcorn smell says up to hours or even days at home.

Smoke in the Shower: Smoking in the shower is another common way of getting rid of the cannabis smell. Smoking in the bathroom while the shower is running will cover the cannabis smell. Ensure that the water is hot to generate enough steam, mixed up with the smoke, and disperse the scent.

Clean the surfaces with a Strongly Scented Spay or Cleaner:Mostly, the Cannabis smells on the fabric and in the air, but cleaning the surface with a strongly scented cleaner will get mixed up with the air smell and certainly help in covering the cannabis smell.

Getting rid of Cannabis smell from breath:  Generally, to hide or cover up the cannabis smell from the fabrics, air, or floor. But this is not enough. For this, the focus must be on breathing, and cannabis smell stays longer on your breath as well. To get rid of this, prefer using a strong mouthwash or brush your teeth well.

Try body spray or perfume: Scented body sprays can also help to cover the cannabis smell. For this, try using some scented sprays on your clothes with the strong fragrance that covers up the pungent smell. But don’t use too much of it as later the cannabis smell might goes away, but the strong fragrance smell might create a headache.

Turn on a fan or open a window: Appropriate ventilation is another effective way of covering up the cannabis smell. For this to work well, open up all the windows and doors, and turn the fan on; cross-ventilation will undoubtedly help remove the cannabis pungent smell.

Cook food with pungent odors: Cooking food in the strong-smelling substances can also help mask up the cannabis smell. Using the vital and right ingredients in cooking that leaves the scent for hours can cover up the cannabis smell.

Preventing Smell in Storage

Store in airtight containers: While storing Cannabis, that leaves the strong smell wherever you place it. Try keeping it in an airtight container to mask up the cannabis smell. A vacuum-packed bag, airtight container, a sealed jar works well for this purpose and don’t dispense out the smell.

Seal in a Zip-lock bag: In case you don’t have an airtight container or a sealed jar, a sealed zip-lock bag will work well for you in covering the smell. Storing the Cannabis in a zip-lock bag will lock the smell into that bag only and doesn’t dispense the strong smell.

Preventing smell while cultivating

Use a carbon filter if you’re growing: If you cultivate Cannabis at your home, then Cannabis’s smell of Cannabis can be strong and will get into all the rooms. In such a case, purchase a carbon filter to help in removing the odor from your home. Carbon filters are easily accessible at local greenhouses or online. For the cultivation at home, a 6-inch exhaust filter is enough.

Place air fresheners near your weed: Placing some air fresheners near your cannabis cultivation is an effective way of getting rid of the cannabis smell at home. Air fresheners facilitate in eliminating the unwanted smell of pot lingering in the air.

is a flower whose chief function is to generate the terpenes, piquant chemicals. Cannabis is available in diverse forms and can be consumed by various methods.

Cannabis generates odor, and if you opt for the smoking, then the smile might get disseminated all over the home, and you might want to get rid of the strong smell produced by the Cannabis. You may also want to cover it up from your family, friends, or neighbors. It is essential to mask up the smell that bothers everyone and even you. The pungent smell of fresh, sultry Cannabis can be as invigorating as the scent of a long-lost lover.

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