Why Do Some People Become Paranoid After Using Marijuana?

Cannabis is the most common remedy that has been used for years. And if we talk about the approximate numbers only, around 200 million people still use it globally.

There is a common perception that marijuana is often used when they want to relax completely. Undoubtedly it is associated with the reduction in anxiety and stress.

We often get to know about several instances where cannabis consumption leads to paranoia in the patient. Here we will emphasize why it actually happens in some people whereas not in others.

What is Paranoia?

Paranoia is defined as a feeling of fear, suspicion, or in danger of harm instead of lack of evidence.

People with paranoia often believe that others have a suspicious motive even when they cannot provide a tangible reason.

How Does Cannabis Cause Paranoia?

What seems more evident is that the people who use cannabis are more prone to this sort of thinking. However, with this statement, a study published in 2011 in Psychological Medicine checked on the paranoia rate in England’s general population.

After the research study, it was found that the cannabis users were thrice more likely to believe that someone was intentionally trying to hurt them as compared to the non-users. However, the threat that someone is trying to harm seriously was five times more amongst the marijuana users.

As per the researchers, the relationship between a human endocannabinoid system (ECS) and cannabis plays a crucial role in paranoia. The compounds like THC bind to the cannabinoid receptors in the various parts of the brain, including the amygdala.

This is an essential part of the brain that regulates the response to fear and its associated emotions like anxiety, paranoia, and stress.

If the brain receives too much THC, it can endow amygdale with excess stimulation. The outcome is feeling paranoid and anxious and having a sense of fear.

This reason also outlines why CBD does not cause paranoia as it doesn’t bind directly to the CB receptors. But does even CBD cause paranoia? Well, no, not really.

A study published in Journal Neuron in 2014 has also confirmed that several ECS cannabinoid receptors are located in the amygdala.

Why Do Some People Become Paranoid After Cannabis Consumption?

Not everyone becomes paranoid after cannabis consumption. Only some percent suffer from it while others don’t.

  • But why does this happen?
  • Why does marijuana make you paranoid?
  • Why does some weed make me paranoid?

But the reason involves several factors. The below-mentioned factors have an impact in leading to the Paranoid condition.

1. THC Tolerance

THC component is an abundantly intoxicating cannabinoid in cannabis that generally affects everyone differently. Several people have a higher tolerance power while others do not. One reason for this can be due to the frequent use of cannabis or genetics.

CBD and THC offer a biphasic response, indicating that you will get a diverse reaction depending on how much cannabis you use.

In the case of the THC component, a common question arises: does a person experience paranoia when high? Well, there is enough evidence that the smaller amounts of it can endow with therapeutic benefits. This has also given rise to the micro-dosing practice.

So, you gotta be really careful about the THC consumption. As the more amount you intake, the greater risk of adverse effects you will develop.

A study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence in 2017 outlined the biphasic effects of THC. The University of Chicago’s researchers also tested how THC affected the 42 marijuana users under stressful conditions.

Patients who have consumed 7.5 mg of THC stated less stressed feelings by a mock interview as compared to the volunteers who utilize a placebo.

On the other hand, those patients who used 12.5mg noted a higher degree of negative emotions whilst performing the same task than those who utilized the placebo.

It is specifically essential to check out and adopt cautionary measures while using cannabis edibles. These edibles often have higher THC amounts.

2. Genetics

In 2019, a research study published in Nature studied the impact of marijuana on animals.

And the researchers discovered that marijuana consumption typically diminished anxiety and enhanced relaxation while primarily stimulating the front region of an individual’s brain.

If the brain’s back portion has higher THC sensitivity levels than the front region, there is a higher risk of giving adverse reactions. However, this can include several side effects like paranoia and anxiety.

3. Gender

An exciting review came out from an animal study in 2014 published in Drug and Alcohol Dependency that discovered that higher estrogen levels could heighten cannabis sensitivity by almost 30 percent while diminishing the THC tolerance.

The studies also suggested that females are more likely to experience sensitivity to the cannabis effects. This indicates that the women are more prone to experience paranoia and anxiety as compared to the men.

4. The Aging Process, New Breeding Techniques, and Mood

Our ECS and brain change with age, and you can use cannabis devoid of any issues at 25. But if you are thinking of using the same quantity of marijuana at 45, you may experience the effects you don’t anticipate.

The environment and mood also impact. If an individual is stressed, consuming too much THC is more likely to lead to anxiety and paranoia.

Additionally, cannabis strains have become more potent in recent times. Earlier it was difficult to locate the THC-rich strains, but these days the breeders continuously try to produce the more potent strains that are THC rich.

So, in short, all these factors are contributory in leading to a condition like paranoia.

How to diminish the Paranoia risk while using cannabis?

Before considering cannabis, ensure that you have an ideal setting. This indicates searching for a place that is more comfortable where you can consume cannabis peacefully.

  • Choose a place with dimmed lights and some soothing music
  • Choose a sensible strain with a low to moderate THC amount
  • You can also choose the strain with higher CBD content

Don’t forget to reach out to a medical doctor who can help you with the cannabis consumption methods, appropriate dosage, and other essentials.

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