Medical Cannabis and its benefits have been known for years and indeed have been used since an early age.

But presently, realizing the health benefits of the consumption of medical marijuana has somehow made it get legal status in several states but still remains illegal on the federal level.

So, does that mean you cannot have legal access to it?

Do you need to follow the illegal means only to get access?

Well, No!

The 29 states, along with Washington DC, allow medical cannabis use for patients with a qualifying medical condition and a legal document in the form of a Medical Marijuana Card.

Medical Marijuana Card

A Medical Marijuana Card is a state ID card that signifies that a patient is taking benefits from the medical marijuana and has the legal right to possess, consume and purchase medical cannabis.

But a medical marijuana card doesn’t save you in case of an irresponsible move from your end. Since it is illegal on the federal level, there are a few limitations on the card that the cardholder essentially needs to follow.

This includes:

  • Not crossing the state lines devoid of any permissions.
  • Not distributing the medical marijuana products to your friends.
  • Getting familiar with the new state rules if visiting another state for some time.
  • Keeping it out of the children’s reach.
  • Appropriately packaging the medicine with all the accurate measures.
  • Not consuming it in public places.

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